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In this revolutionary expose of East meets West, Brooklyn-born host and global explorer, Chris Bashinelli (aka “Bash”), trades in his motorcycle for horseback- walking in the shoes of the oldest nomadic culture on earth. His mission? To see if he’s tough enough to survive as a nomad. This means being slammed on the tundra by 300 pound Bökh wrestlers, drifting in racecars at 40 miles per hour on the outskirts of the city and grinding it out as a nomad at the ends of civilization.

From the architectural marvels of Ulan Bator, to the dreamlike beauty of the steppe, we walk inside a world that is transforming at a nearly unrecognizable rate. Whether he’s acting out scenes from The Sopranos (HBO) with inhabitants of the remote countryside or competing in a freestyle rap competition in the nation’s largest shantytown, the concept of ‘nomad’ is anything but what Bash would have expected. He herds goats, makes vodka, sleeps in a yurt, and is challenged to his greatest test of all- to gallop a horseback across the Mongolian steppe. The only problem is…he’s never been on a horse in his life. Will he survive? Tune in and find out.


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