is the internationally recognized production company behind the acclaimed television series, Bridge the Gap with Chris Bashinelli. Our work can be seen on PBS, the National Geographic Channel, and on stations in over 100 countries around the world- from America to Afghanistan.

Step Outside Your World

For socially conscious members of the modern world, Bridge the Gap TV takes viewers on an international adventure, walking in the shoes of people halfway around the world. Unlike traditional travel documentaries that are strictly educational or reality television that is strictly entertaining- BTG marries the two- creating hi-stakes scenarios on film that captivate us and dissolve perceived walls between “self” and “other”. We offer new, enriching perspectives on regions of the world normally portrayed in a negative light in the media, and inspire viewers to Bridge the Gap between people and cultures. We have created programs alongside organizations like Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Clif Bar, Osprey Packs, and the Jane Goodall Institute.

Our team includes Emmy winning producers, videographers and editors whose credits range from BBC, to Discovery Channel, to Travel Channel. We’ve produced programs in Uganda, Haiti, the Pine Ridge Reservation, Abu Dhabi, Tanzania and Mongolia. Chris Bashinelli, aka “Bash”, is the company’s Executive Producer and Host of the flagship series. To find out more about Chris Click Here



The idea for Bridge the Gap spawned in 2007. It was the dawn of the era of the mindless reality television program, the kind that not only breeds gossip and judgment, but also serves to divide human beings against each other. It was also a time of immense suffering for people throughout our world, though when is it not? After appearing on The Sopranos (HBO) and feeling completely unfulfilled, Chris traveled to Tanzania to experience life on the other side of the planet firsthand. Inspired by the people he met in East Africa, Chris returned to the USA with one mission- to use media to bridge the immense inner and outer gaps between people and cultures.


“From Haiti to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, I have met countless individuals living in incredibly difficult external conditions who are often more content and inspired internally than people I know in far more “better off” conditions. The common thread many of these individuals share is their concern for others, sometimes even above their own welfare. Through these experiences I am reminded that happiness is a state of mind, not a state of the external world. Perhaps by walking in other people’s shoes and gaining a glimpse into their experience, we can tap into a deeper wisdom that will inspire each of us to live more conscious lives and reach our full potential.”

– Chris Bashinelli

“Exchanges like those we see in ‘Bridge the Gap’, which at first seem to be from worlds apart, in fact serve to make use realize how interconnected we all are.”

Dr. Louise Leakey
Paleontologist and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence

Join National Geographic Explorer and United Nations Emcee, Chris Bashinelli, on an introspective adventure across continents. In Bridge the Gap, Chris traverses the globe from Mongolia to Haiti to discover what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes for one day. With humor and pathos, Chris invites viewers to step inside worlds they might otherwise never see.
Educational DVD.            Retail Price $150
This 2-part DVD includes all 4 episodes of Bridge the Gap, over 2 hours of bonus material, special segments for the classroom, an interview with Dr. Jane Goodall, and a teacher resource guide. This edition has been cleared for classroom use.
Special Edition DVD.       Retail Price $39.99
This edition includes all 4 episodes of Bridge the Gap- Pine Ridge, Haiti, Uganda and Mongolia, plus two bonus interviews.
Standard DVD.                 Retail Price $24.99 plus S&H
This DVD includes the 1-hour Pine Ridge TV special as seen on PBS.
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